POWER, Inc. is a non-profit organization 501 (c)(3) that is dedicated to the reduction of juvenile delinquency through the  creation of artistic content and curricula that enlightens, inspires and emPOWERS underprivileged and at-risk youth.

Target Community

The lives of our youth are connected regardless of the location of their homes. What happens in one neighborhood affects other neighborhoods and what happens in one child's life affects the lives of other children and their families. By mentoring youth in underprivileged areas, we facilitate positive growth and cohesiveness for the immediate community and the community at large.

Youth from low-income families are  more likely to enter the juvenile justice system than juveniles with greater financial means. By targeting youth in at-risk communities, we are able to help those who are more likely to take the wrong path. Through the building of character, self-esteem, and the personalized formulation of short and long term goals, the potential to transcend adversity is greatly increased.

A Message From The Founder

My Utopian Theory

"In a perfect world, children would find value in education as opposed to tennis shoes. The neighborhood kingpin would NOT be a role model, fear of an early demise would not exist, and ghettos would become obsolete in the absence of poverty..." Dr. A. L. Smith

Children Die In Children


"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots..." Marcus Garvey

Knowledge, understanding and wisdom are the founding principles of POWER, Inc. Through the implementation of the founding principles, our mission is to prevent juvenile delinquency and the progression to adult offenses.


Established in 2017, POWER, Inc. has a vision of the future - one where youth are encouraged to succeed in spite of adversity and are provided opportunities to experience second chances. POWER, Inc. is a knowledge-based organization that is committed to the building of  relationships that foster success.

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Knowledge is power; however, the implementation of knowledge empowers.  POWER, Inc is a catalyst for the empowerment of youth in at-risk and underprivileged communities. 


Angela Smith, Founder, CEO

Anika Wyatt, Executive Director

D.Baldwin, Advisory Committee 

Our Services

 The Arts:  Audio-visual/Cinematic Content

There's nothing grander than imagination, especially in a child. We strive to create reality-based content that "Enlightens, Inspires & Empowers".  

"He Never Came Home ", our first production, is a harsh depiction of injustice carried out to the very end in the state of Louisiana. The documentary film details the unsolved murder of a prominent socialite and subsequent detainment of Lemon Howard,  a mentally disabled African American youth. Although the charges against him were dropped, Lemon Howard spent 42 years in Louisiana's Penal System.

Our ultimate goal for the film is to build a foundation of awareness concerning the imperfections of our justice system and the prevalence of failure among minorities, specifically in the state of Louisiana.

 PowPower, Inc. Curriculumer, Inc. Curriculum

POWER, Inc. embraces the importance of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. We offer a comprehensive curriculum to accompany the artistic content. The material is designed to address prevalent issues in a manner that emphasizes cause and effect, promotes increased awareness,  encourages dialogue concerning change, and fosters the prevention of juvenile delinquency.


To find out how to get involved or how to request our services, email us.

Bringing JOY To The Community, One Child At A Time.

In 2019, over 600 kids were blessed with gifts, food and tons of JOY during the first annual community toy drive in Mansfield Louisiana. POWER, Inc. is a proud sponsor of the second annual community toy drive for the city of Mansfield, Louisiana and surrounding areas. 

For God So Loved The World, He GAVE His Only Begotten Son...

1st Annual Toy Drive (2019)

To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Required.

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